Welcome to the ‘C’ Word with Miss Paula Flynn

Hi, I’m Miss Paula Flynn and this is the blog I’ll be keeping linked in to my weekly alternative country music show broadcast from Ireland on RTE’s digital station 2XM.  You’ll find some country, some roots, some gospel, some bluegrass, some prison songs, some folk and some blues. I also have a great love for spoken word so it will also feature on occasion.

Where the name came from?

The idea of The C Word came from my great love of good roots music. I grew up listening to Country music.  My brother and I would listen to his country tapes and I loved to listen to Steve Earle and Patsy Cline. One Christmas when I was about 12 myself and my brother got cowboy boots and I thought it would be a great idea come January to go to school in my new boots. The rest of my peers thought different and my secret was out. My love for country music was slated for the first time. For years to follow I was at the receiving end of a lot of teenagers who felt country music was for old folks who chewed straw and drove pickups round the dirty country roads.

So due to peer pressure I drifted away from country music for a few years and got into bands like Radiohead and Nirvana and hid my country music obsession.  Although I still like other genres of music, like the types mentioned above, as time went on I got a bit of sense and got a hold of my own mind and came out of the country closet and realised its OK to like country music. The name ‘C’ Word comes from people who can’t bring themselves to say a certain word because they are afraid of what others may think. So The C Word is usually an expression used for words that are unspeakable and upsetting like the horrible swear word no-one wants to hear  and the horrible disease Cancer that no-one wants to hear about. I have heard people shy away from using both of those words: the first one is as good as banned in some places and the second one is not spoken for fear of cursing oneself. So I felt The C Word is an obvious choice of a show title because for a few years I felt uneasy expressing my love for country.

Over the years I dug a lot deeper to find the real primitive music, the pioneers, the true originals who wrote and recorded music in the simplest forms.  I have found some great music and I am happy to say I no longer care much what others think about my taste in music. I am proud of my collection and I am delighted that I have gained the confidence and sense to be able to be myself in a world that tries to shape our opinions and tastes in everything from how we dress to what we should listen to.

So now you will see me in my cowboy boots and driving my Ford pick up on the dirty roads listening to someone like Minton Sparks or the Carter Family- i’m not chewing straw yet though!

What Happens each week on the C Word?

Every show features an interview with a musician where I ask my guest about how they came to country music.

Each show also showcases one of the songs that shaped country music, introduced by Hot Press writer Greg McAteer.

I’ll be using the blog to post playlists, photos and the occasional audio clip.

The show is broadcast at 10.00p.m. GMT every Monday evening and is repeated at 12.00 noon each Wednesday. If you don’t have a digital radio receiver you can tune in online by visiting http://www.rte.ie/digitalradio/twoxm/index.html and clicking on the ‘listen live’ button.

If you think you have a record I ought to be playing then you can get in touch with me by using the contact page over at my main website at http://www.misspaulaflynn.com

Enjoy, Miss Paula 😉


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